EMS Fellowship

Denver Health offers a uniquely comprehensive EMS fellowship.  The EMS fellow has daily direct involvement with the Denver EMS system which includes all Denver 911 EMS calls (>90,000/year), Dispatch Communications Center, Paramedic School, Critical Care Transport, Tactical EMS as well as State and local disaster preparedness.  The fellow provides direct EMS supervision both in the Field and in the Emergency Department.

The Denver EMS system is active in research.  Research is a required aspect of the fellowship and is facilitated by support staff as well as complete access to both CAD and electronic trip sheet databases. 

The EMS fellow works approximately 7 shifts per month in the Denver Health Medical Center ED as an EM attending.  The ED clinical responsibilities are equal to the residency core faculty.  Compensation is equal to a PGY-5 resident with full benefits.  Reasonable moonlighting is encouraged.

Contact Information:

Director, Emergency Medical Services
Staff Physician, Denver Health Medical Center
Associate Professor, University of Colorado Health Science Center
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