Sarah Banks, MD
Larry Benjey, MD
Phillip Breslow, MD
Michael Duerson, MD
Evan Fisch, MD
Daniel Fuchs, DO
Lindsay Howe, MD
Kathleen Joseph, MD
Riku Moriguchi, MD
Kyle Norder, MD
Paul Pelletier, MD
Cheyenne Smith, MD
Kelly Stewart, MD
Fermin Suarez, MD
James Sutton, MD
Rachel VanderWel, MD
Jaclyn Walker, MD
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Class of 2023 Bios 

Sarah Banks, MD

Birthplace: Okemos, MI

Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Med School: University of Michigan

Most Exotic Travel Location: South Africa

Hobbies: Crossfit, running, snowboarding, reading, guitar, cooking, camping

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Pixar animator

Larry Benjey, MD

Birthplace: Albuquerque, NM

Undergrad: University of New Mexico
Med School: University of New Mexico

Most Exotic Travel Location: Amsterdam

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Traveler

Other fun facts: Know how to ride a motorcycle, PADI Scuba certification, Black Belt in Shotokan Karate 

Phillip Breslow, MD

Birthplace: Reno, NV

Undergrad: University of Nevada Reno
Med SchoolUniversity of Nevada Reno

Most Exotic Travel Location: Costa Rica

Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, camping, running, goat yoga

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Space doctor

Michael Duerson, MD

Birthplace: Redwood City, CA

Undergrad: California Polytechnic
Med School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin

Most Exotic Travel Location: Italy

Hobbies: Landscape photography, hiking/backpacking, cooking, vegetable gardening, spending time with my amazing girls

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be aParamedic and paramedic educator

Evan Fisch, MD

Birthplace: Denver, CO

Undergrad: Carnegie Mellon
Med School: Baylor

Most Exotic Travel Location: Alaska! I would like to go to Central America and Israel at some point.

Hobbies: Baseball, yoga, snowboarding, mountain climbing, golf

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: High-school teacher who teaches yoga on the side

Danny Fuchs, DO

Birthplace: New Haven, CT

Undergrad: Austin College
Med SchoolAlabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Most Exotic Travel Location: Cuba

Hobbies: Traveling, Exercising, Podcasts, Live Music, Gaming, Napping

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be an: Aspiring trophy husband/professional dog walker

Lindsay Howe, MD

Birthplace: Burlington, VT

Undergrad: Boston College
Med SchoolUniversity of Vermont

Most Exotic Travel Location: Australia/New Zealand

Hobbies: Equestrian show jumping, crossfit, running, skiing

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: A wrangler on a ranch in Montana 

Katie Joseph, MD

Birthplace: Indianapolis, IN

Undergrad: Boston University
Med SchoolBoston University

Most Exotic Travel Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Hobbies: Hiking, traveling. salsa dancing, yoga, tennis, exploring flea markets/used bookstores/art markets    

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be an: Anthropologist

Riku Moriguchi, MD

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Undergrad: Cornell University
Med School: Albert Einstein

Most Exotic Travel Location: Field research center in central Kenya 

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, road trips, soccer, basketball, cooking international cuisine

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Stay at home dad

Kyle Norder, MD

Birthplace: Naperville, IL

Undergrad: University of Florida
Med SchoolSUNY Downstate

Most Exotic Travel Location: Thailand

Hobbies: Mountaineering, hiking, scuba diving, free-diving, woodworking, coffee roasting, cooking

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Maybe in ortho because bones are amazing. Although, I was pretty serious about being a professional snorkeler.


Paul Pelletier, MD

Birthplace: Newport Beach, CA

Undergrad: University of California Los Angeles
Med SchoolUniversity of Colorado

Most Exotic Travel Location: Palau.  It is a small tropical island about a five hour flight south of Japan.  

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, surfing, volleyball, tennis, cycling, spike ball, skiing, coffee, cooking, bread making, and a plethora of board/card games.

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Long list in order of likelihood: trauma surgery, critical care/internal medicine, OB/GYN, or cardiothoracic surgery.  

Cheyenne Smith, MD

Birthplace: Fort Myers, FL

Undergrad: Indiana University
Med SchoolUniversity of Chicago

Most Exotic Travel Location: Three Sisters Wilderness (not exactly exotic, but certainly wild)

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, cycling, trail running, board games, movies, craft brews 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be aNaturalist in Alaska 

Kelly Stewart, MD

Birthplace: Denver, CO

Undergrad: University of Miami
Med School: University of Colorado

Most Exotic Travel Location: Belize 

Hobbies: Hiking, backpacking, camping, lounging in all the hot springs in Colorado, playing piano, ordering takeout, hanging out with my dog, Freya, and cat, Darwin. 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a:  Flight Attendant 

Fermin Suarez, MD

Birthplace: Chicago, IL

Undergrad: University of Utah
Med School: Temple University

Most Exotic Travel Location: Hawaii 

Hobbies: Skiing, long boarding, board games, video games, gym/HIIT

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be aFormula 1 driver 

James Sutton, MD

Birthplace: Englewood, CO

Undergrad: Montana State University
Med School: University of Texas Southwestern

Most Exotic Travel Location: Patagonia

Hobbies: Fly-fishing, hiking, skiing, backpacking, acoustic guitar, playing with my labrador retriever 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be aA full-time hobbyist and rancher in Montana (it's too bad I'm allergic to horses)

Rachel VanderWel, MD

Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO

Undergrad: Grove City College
Med SchoolLoma Linda

Most Exotic Travel Location: Grand Cayman 

Hobbies: Reading, especially audiobooks, basketball, soccer, racquetball, biking, hiking, kayaking 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: A veterinarian. Or a gardener. 

Jackie Walker, MD

Birthplace: Ann Arbor, MI

Undergrad: University of Rochester
Med SchoolUniversity of Michigan

Most Exotic Travel Location: Switzerland

Hobbies: Exercise, crossfit, skiing, hiking, volleyball, kayaking, healthy cooking, dabbling with a guitar/piano, shower singer extraordinaire, petting other peoples' dogs 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Crossfit coach

Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine

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Denver, Colorado 80204

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