The Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine educates, trains, and prepares emergency medicine residents to be unparalleled clinicians and future leaders through exposure to high volume, high acuity and diverse clinical environments.

The Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine has been developing leaders in Emergency Medicine since its inception in 1974.  The residency program is successful due to the passion and engagement of our faculty combined with our dedicated, outstanding residents. 


Our primary goal is to graduate outstanding clinicians by applying deliberate practice to residency training.  We strive to expose residents to the 5 tenets of deliberate practice:  exposure, feedback, coaching, self-reflection, and repetition.


SINCE 1974

Challenge is required to yield greater retention of information and superior performance under stress. Jon Haidt’s book Happiness Hypothesis states ‘People need adversity, setbacks, and perhaps even trauma to reach the highest level of strength, fulfillment, and personal development’. At Denver Health, we strive to strike the optimum balance between challenging our residents every day and supporting them by providing responsible wellness. 


Residents are exposed to a high volume of patients and learn to multi-task while providing excellent care.  In the EM4 year residents have the most challenging role of all – that of running a busy, urban, academic Emergency Department in a Level 1 Trauma Center.  The EM4s supervise junior residents and students while making decisions on patient flow and providing care for the observation area patients.  This role prepares our graduates to work in any Emergency Medicine environment anywhere in the world and excel.


Resident input is solicited on all aspects of the residency program in order to guide change and evolution.  Many of our best changes have come from resident input and here at Denver Health it’s cherished and valued.  Our program is dedicated to continuously improving and we understand that to do so requires a willingness to change while maintaining the key elements that have made training successful.  

The residency also provides opportunities for exposure in many other aspects of medicine.  Residents have opportunity, funding and support for scholarly activity.  The School of Medicine, Residency Program, and Paramedic School provide residents with opportunities to teach.  The EM3 teaching rotation focuses on providing residents with the tools to be good teachers.  Residency Tracks provide focused groups within specific niches to develop projects.

Wellness within the program remains an important focus.  While we challenge our residents in order to obtain long lasting wellness in a career as an Emergency Medicine Physician, we also recognize the importance of wellness while in training.  The Wellness Committee is tasked with monitoring wellness and providing an avenue for residents to voice concerns.  We created a unique and innovative ACES (Art, Chaos, Ethics and Science) curriculum that focuses on the humanism within our field.  Residents manage the curriculum with topics such as “Taking care of the difficult patient”, “Life-Work Balance”, and “How does your career affect your family.”  We start each academic year with a Residency-Wide Retreat focused on team building.  Faculty and Residents truly work in an environment of collaboration and genuinely care about the well-being of each member of the team.

I am proud to be a graduate of the Denver Health Residency Program, and I am humbled to have been given the privilege of serving as the Residency Program Director.  The residency program is committed to producing outstanding clinicians who provide excellent patient care.  We will continue to strive to provide opportunities for deliberate practice and to challenge residents to create expertise while maintaining resident wellness and optimizing patient safety.

Maria Moreira, MD

EM Residency Program Director

Staff Physician, Denver Health Medical Center

Associate Professor,

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Welcome From the Program Director

We the faculty are world-class educators who teach our trainees to have outstanding clinical acumen, expansive knowledge and to provide compassionate, evidence-based, quality, efficient care while pushing learners to take ownership of the responsibilities of emergency based practice with each clinical touch.




Denver Health was established in 1860 and has been caring for the people of Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region ever since.


Denver Health is a comprehensive, integrated organization providing level one care for all, regardless of ability to pay. Twenty-five percent of all Denver residents, or approximately 150,000 individuals, receive their health care at Denver Health. One in three children in Denver is cared for by Denver Health physicians as well.

Denver Health cares for:

  • The special health needs of the entire population with services ranging from trauma care to the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center

  • The needs of special populations such as the poor, uninsured, pregnant teens, persons addicted to alcohol and other substances, victims of violence, the homeless, and those with AIDS.

We are committed to making our community a healthy place to live, work and raise a family. You’ll see that commitment in the programs we offer, through the care we provide and in our determination to achieve continuous improvement so our community always has the best care available.

We are honored to have cared for the people of this great community and the surrounding region for well over a century. It has been our privilege to care for generations of families. 

Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine

777 Bannock Street, MC #0108

Denver, Colorado 80204

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