Founded in 2012 by residents Dowin Boatright and Java Tunson, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine was developed to increase the number of URM candidates who were interviewed and matched at our program.

Since its inception, the committee has been successful in meeting their goals via the implementation of a scholarship-based externship program, the hosting of an annual interdepartmental second-look event for minority applicants, and by increasing the involvement and visibility of URM faculty in the residency interview and recruitment process.

For more information, see this 2015 article published in Academic Medicine: "Increasing Resident Diversity in an Emergency Medicine Residency Program: A Pilot Intervention With Three Principal Strategies" by Tunson, Java MD; Boatright, Dowin MD, MBA; Oberfoell, Stephanie MD; Bakes, Katherine MD; Angerhofer, Christy; Lowenstein, Steven MD, MPH; Zane, Richard MD; King, Renee MD, MPH; Druck, Jeffrey MD.

Our Mission

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine and the University of Colorado Department of Emergency medicine are passionately committed to:

​1. Encouraging, supporting and providing equal opportunity to diverse individuals to be prepared and competitive to enter the field of medicine regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identification, or disability.​


2. Increasing diversity and inclusion in medicine in order to advance performance through increased understanding, acceptance, and shared world views through pipeline programs, modeling, and support at the community, undergraduate and graduate level.


3. Assuring success and retention of diverse residents, junior faculty and faculty through education, exposure and mentorship with clear academic and community support.


4. Developing culturally sensitive evidence based health care practices and educational programs.


5. Reflecting the diversity of our surrounding communities and the world around us so that we may ensure exceptional health care and alleviate healthcare disparities and inequities by having diverse representation in all spheres of practice.

Contact the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Jackie Ward-Gaines, MD


Assistant Professor

University of Colorado SOM


Jeremy Collado, MD


Resident Physician, PGY 3



Taylor McCormick, MD MS

URM Scholarship Director

Assistant Professor

Denver Health Medical Center


Manuel R Montano, MD

Clerkship Director

Assistant Professor

Denver Health Medical Center


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