The purpose of this program is to guide and support medical students from under-represented groups who have an interest in pursuing emergency medicine as a career. This externship is a combination of a sub-internship with the Department of Emergency Medicine at Denver Health Medical Center and University of Colorado Hospital and community service that focuses on reducing healthcare disparities and increasing the diversity of the healthcare workforce.  In addition to 14 clinical shifts, students will have two days of community service opportunities with Denver Health’s Clinical Director of Community Affairs and Director of the At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) program, working with students from Denver Health Public Schools in the http://facesforthefuture.org/denver/ program interested in a career in health professions through the collaborative MedConnect program.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine and the University of Colorado Department of Emergency medicine are passionately committed to:

  1. Encouraging, supporting and providing equal opportunity to diverse individuals to be prepared and competitive to enter the field of medicine regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic class, sexual orientation or gender identification.

  2. Increasing diversity and inclusion in medicine in order to advance performance through increased understanding, acceptance, and shared worldviews through pipeline programs, modeling, and support at the community, undergraduate and graduate level.

  3. Assuring success and retention of diverse residents, junior faculty and faculty through education, exposure and mentorship with clear academic and community support.

  4. Developing culturally sensitive evidence based health care practices and educational programs.

  5. Reflecting the diversity of our surrounding communities and the world around us so that we may ensure exceptional health care and alleviate healthcare disparities and inequities by having diverse representation in all spheres of practice.


The externship is a 4 week rotation with both a clinical and community pipeline portion.


This course is open to fourth year medical students from under-represented backgrounds (racial, ethnic, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identification) who intend to match into an emergency medicine residency program.


Students will rotate a total of 14 clinical shifts allocated between Denver Health and the University of Colorado Hospital. You will also have the opportunity to attend Emergency Medicine didactic conferences and participate in various learning opportunities including medical student lectures, teaching rounds, student workshops in US/EMS/Sim, etc. During this time, you will be assigned a resident mentor. The resident mentor will be a resource for students during their clinical rotations.

Rotation Dates Available:

  • 8/23/21 - 9/17/21

  • 9/20/21 - 10/15/21

  • 10/18/21 - 11/12/21

Community Service Project

Students will have two days of community service opportunities with Denver Health’s At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) program, working with students from Denver Health Public Schools Faces of the Future program interested in health professions through the collaborative MedConnect program.

Check out this video of the experience with our pipeline students


At the end of the rotation, students will participate in a social with faculty and residents at a local Colorado location.

Interview/Letters of Recommendation

Externs will receive a Standard Letter of Evaluation (SLOE), an interview during the rotation and a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor to add to their ERAS if they choose to do so. Additionally, diversity externs (along with sub-interns) who rotate at our residency program will be automatically considered for a residency position in the upcoming intern class.

Application for 2021-2022 Academic Year

The externship is open to MS4’s at any US medical school. It offers selected externs a $1500 scholarship per year for travel, lodging, and other expenses. Applications are due 60 days before the start of the rotation. You are encouraged to apply early as positions fill up quickly.  All interested students must apply via VSAS, and complete the below survey. The course name is EMED 8011 URM Career Elective, Emergency Medicine. Students are welcome and encouraged to apply both to EMED 8011, and to EMED 8006 (regular career track elective)

Application Checklist

☐ Complete survey above

☐ Apply to 8011 in VSAS 

☐ CV uploaded to VSAS
☐ Copy of Step 1 score (to confirm pass) uploaded to VSAS (supplemental documents)
☐ Copy of transcript (to ensure you are in good standing with your medical school) uploaded to VSAS
☐ 500 or less word essay uploaded to VSAS (supplemental documents)

Prompt: In 500 words or less describe any experiences in your personal life or in your training that have led you to appreciate the difficulties faced by the medically underserved. How do you foresee caring for the underserved in your future practice?


Visit www.rotatingroom.com for housing opportunities. If accepted, we will contact you with additional housing options in the area.