Congratulations on being selected to interview at the 
Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine! 
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You have been selected from a pool of over 1,500 applicants to the specialty of Emergency Medicine this year. Based on our holistic review of your application, we feel that your impressive past accomplishments, dedicated interests, and unique life experiences align with our residency program’s mission and values.  We look forward to teaching you about our residency program in order to help you determine if training at our program meets your personal and professional goals.  We believe that we can help you achieve your career goals regardless of whether you plan to be a community emergency physician, a physician scientist, a residency program director, or a national policy expert.  


The Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine is committed to equity, compassion, leadership, and well-being, cultivating master clinicians through resident ownership of diverse, academic, and high-volume clinical environments. 

Your selection as an accepted interviewee not only highlights the strength of your residency application and your accomplishments during medical school, but also your individuality, humanism, and commitment to service.  We are so excited about the opportunity to meet you during the interview process and to discuss the next phase of your professional development in residency training.   


Please reach out to us with questions, concerns or clarifications about the interview process.  This virtual interview process is new to all of us, and we are looking forward to navigating this process together.  

The information on this page is meant assist you in understanding the Interview Experience and to help you begin to understand what it is like to train and live in the Mile High City.  Your interview will involve three separate experiences over two days, including the Interview Experience, Resident Dinner Experience, and Educational Conference Experience.  All three experiences will be conducted virtually using Zoom.  


Program Director Welcome Video

Our program director, Bonnie Kaplan, has recorded a short welcome video to help orient you to the virtual interview process.

Residency Recruitment Video

As a first glimpse of what it is like to train at our residency program, take a look at the residency recruitment video that we put together for you! 



Your half day, virtual Interview Experience will begin with a thirty-minute Departmental and Residency Program Leadership Introduction to allow you to meet and hear from the leaders in our department and our educational programs.  Next, you will connect with one of our chief residents for an interactive, one-hour session highlighting our storied history in the specialty of Emergency Medicine and the essential information to understand the nuts and bolts of our residency program.  Over the next two hours, you will have a total of three fifteen-minute interviews (with a resident, an associate program director, and another faculty member) and one ten-minute interview with our program director, Bonnie Kaplan. In-between your interviews, you will be in a virtual waiting room for conversation and questions with our current residents.                                                  

Residency Dinner Experience

Your ninety-minute, virtual Resident Dinner Experience will allow you to connect and converse with residents in a causal and relaxed atmosphere. Food will be provided by the residency program for everyone in attendance in order to support the camaraderie and community that is essential for the functioning of our residency program. Our goal for this dinner experience is two-fold. First, to provide you with a glimpse into the lives of our residents so as to help you better understand what life might be like in residency in Denver. Second, to help us better understand you as an individual and your hopes and dreams for life in a residency program. 


Educational Conference Experience

Your half-day, virtual Educational Conference Experience provides you with a first-hand look at our Wednesday educational sessions. Showcasing great educational cases, engaging participant discussion and valuable lessons learned, our ninety-minute Morbidity and Mortality(M&M) Conference has kicked off our Wednesday educational sessions for almost forty years. M&M Conference is followed by various educational activities that include resident and faculty presentations, small group breakouts, and interactive workshops. We encourage you to participate in our educational activities to the extent that you feel comfortable. 

Residency Experience

Ready to learn more about the residency experience at DHREM? See below!

Mile High Experience

Interested in learning more about Denver and living in the Mile High City? See below!

Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine

777 Bannock Street, MC #0108

Denver, Colorado 80204

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