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Rachael Muschalek, MD
cow or goat - Michael Bergamini.jpg
Michael Bergamini, MD

Birthplace: Billingstad, Norway

Undergrad:  University of Toronto

Med School:  Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dream travel location:  Reef diving on Ngemelis Island

Hobbies:  Skiing, parks, dogs, hiking, camping, music, fish tacos

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: be a veterinarian or a terrible mountain guide

Ask me about...  Snow camping, Himalayas, skydiving, Norway in the winter Olympics

More than meets the eye:  I've played chess against the world chess champion

Bobby Nolan, MD
IMG_2884 (1) - Jannie Bolotnikov.jpg
Jannie Bolotnikov, MD

Birthplace: Chicago, IL

Undergrad:  University of IL at Chicago

Med School:  Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Dream travel location:  Turkey! and Peru and New Zealand and every place I have yet to visit

Hobbies:  Hiking, planning trips, reading, working out and keeping all my plant babies alive

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a:  I would be either a professional dog photographer or a travel blogger

Ask me about...  Social EM or global health, residency with a partner outside of medicine, moving away from home for the first time

More than meets the eye:  My first language was Russian

IMG_3640 - Ryan Boyland.jpg
Ryan Boyland, MD

Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas

Undergrad:  Harvard University

Med School:  University of Nebraska Medical Center

Dream travel location:  The Moon

Hobbies:  Writing, reading, stargazing, climbing, boxing, and appreciating creative expression in all forms.

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a:  be doing my best to become a writer on your favorite science education TV show.

Ask me about...  Health equity, poetry, amateur astronomy, the Denver arts scene.

More than meets the eye: I've broken both of my kneecaps (no, I didn't owe anyone money).

D0C64809-1504-435E-B36C-8294CCAD0AB8 - Justin Brooke.jpeg
     Justin Brooke, MD

Birthplace: Kansas City, MO

Undergrad: University of Missouri - Columbia

Med School: Penn State

Dream travel location:  Tasmania

Hobbies:  Music, anything outdoors related - hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and fly fishing.

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Be a pilot

Ask me about... EMS and Wilderness

More than meets the eye: I have 3 knee caps.

Intern - Lake Crawford.jpg
Lake Crawford, MD

Birthplace:  Derby, KS

Undergrad:  University of Kansas

Med School:  Yale School of Medicine

Dream travel location:  The original Rainforest Cafe in Bloomington, MN

Hobbies:  Backpacking, horseplay, gin & tonics, chit-chatting

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Whatever Nicolas Cage does in the National Treasure film franchise

Ask me about... Wilderness medicine, SURVIVOR, vacation destinations in South Central Kansas

More than meets the eye: One time Charlize Theron saw me crying in LAX

AE5084B6-7032-4691-B3A0-B349F5D96545 - Tara Cristallo.jpeg
Tara Cristallo, MD

Birthplace: Sammamish, WA

Undergrad: Gonzaga University

Med School: University of Washington School of Medicine

Dream travel location: Spain

Hobbies: Running, snowboarding, brewery hopping, cooking, (watching) stand-up comedy, trying to keep my vegetable garden alive during intern year

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: flip houses

Ask me about...  Social EM, quality improvement, critical care, my chicken taco recipe, why DHREM

More than meets the eye: I have gotten the same ice cream cake for my birthday for the past 10+ years (shout-out to Cold Stone).

Intern photo - Lara Felix.jpg
Lara Felix, MD

Birthplace: Heidelberg, Germany

Undergrad: Thomas More College

Med School: University of Cincinnati

Dream travel location: Denali National Park​

Hobbies: Cooking asian desserts/food. Hiking, backpacking, and camping with my husband, Alex, and our two pups, Finn and Louis. Being average at trail running and bouldering. EDM concerts and music festivals. Reading when I have time. And hanging with my co-interns!

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Barista or open an Asian bakery

Ask me about...  Social EM, mentorship, why I love Denver, the best Filipino desserts

More than meets the eye:  I'm the first physician in my immediate and extended family

IMG_0748 - Miya Holley.jpg
Miya Holley, MD

Birthplace: Boulder, CO

Undergrad: Colorado State University

Med School: Wake Forest University

Dream travel location: RyuKyu Islands of Japan

Hobbies: Hiking, snowboarding, soccer, trivia

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Brew beer

Ask me about... Type 1 diabetes, LGBTQ+ advocacy

More than meets the eye: I have my second degree black belt in karate

IMG_9288 - Nicky Joseph.jpeg
Nicholos Joseph, MD

Birthplace: Houston, TX, USA

Undergrad: Rice University

Med School: Harvard Medical School

Dream travel location: Zanzibar!

Hobbies: Going to concerts, snowboarding, spending quality time with the people I love

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Be a chemist. I almost got a PhD in Chemistry instead of going to medical school!

Ask me about... health policy, equitable care delivery, innovation in healthcare

More than meets the eye: I'm a new DJ and love making & mixing music!

IMG_7464 - Tyler Kirchberg.jpg
Tyler Kirchberg, MD

Birthplace: Orinda, CA

Undergrad: Brown University

Med School: UC San Diego School of Medicine

Dream travel location:  French Polynesia to surf, Japan to ski

Hobbies: Swimming, biking, skiing, triathlons, surfing, backpacking/hiking, reading, cooking, listening to podcasts, and rooting for Bay Area sports teams

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would: Geologist and NatGeo photographer

Ask me about... Couples matching, ultrasound, sports and wilderness medicine, Zone 2 training, BBQing, building Strava bike routes with way too much elevation gain

More than meets the eye: I had a close encounter with a juvenile great white shark that swam directly under my surfboard and I escaped with all of my extremities intact

IMG_8017 - Alex Lupi.jpg
Alexander Lupi, MD

Birthplace: Stafford, VA

Undergrad: University of Virginia

Med School: Vanderbilt University

Dream travel location: Argentina

Hobbies: Skiing/snowboarding, biking, climbing, watching UVA basketball

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Teach high school science in a mountain town

Ask me about... Couples matching (we did EM/ObGyn), mentorship, clinical reasoning, AI in medicine

More than meets the eye: I broke my front teeth as a kid on the first day of Boy Scout camp and as an adult on the first day of med school

9C0E793F-38F7-414E-9BE9-DBE57A908C67_1_105_c - Rachel Patel.jpeg
Rachel Patel, MD

Birthplace: Novi, MI

Undergrad: Dartmouth College

Med School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Dream travel location: so many!! including Mt. Kilamanjaro, Cappadocia, Turkey, the Bolivian salt flats

Hobbies: traveling, weightlifting, hiking, cooking, gardening, live music, overpriced coffee shops, watching reality tv, talking about reality tv

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: be a chocolatier

Ask me about...  global health/global emergency medicine, moving to Colorado without ever having been here before, being vegan in Denver, learning to ski in residency

More than meets the eye: I once paid $20 to bungee jump off a bridge in Ecuador and I have been scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef

263FC1DE-7572-4032-AAC5-D195472864BE - Matt Paulson.jpeg
Matthew Paulson, MD

Birthplace: Manchester NH

Undergrad: Boston University


Med School: University of Colorado SOM

Dream travel location: Bol Croatia

Hobbies: Hiking/skiing/camping, lifting weights, biking, wondering if Mac Jones will be a franchise QB

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: History teacher

Ask me about... Balancing family and work life, getting started in battlefield/prehospital research

F58B195D-8487-4C09-9920-5195AA75B10F - Tania Allison.jpeg
Tania Allison, MD

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Undergrad: The University of Texas at Austin

Med School: Baylor College of Medicine

Dream travel location: Namibia

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, crafting, reading Harry Potter

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would: Be a park ranger!!

Ask me about... Planning a trip, wilderness medicine, rocks and fossils, having a partner in medicine, where to go for awesome day hikes/backpacking nearby :)

More than meets the eye:I’ve backpacked 44 countries!

IMG_0183 - megan purdy.JPG
Megan Purdy, MD

Birthplace: Boulder City, NV

Undergrad: Northwestern University

Med School: University of Michigan

Dream travel location: Scottish Highlands

Hobbies: Lap swimming, reading, walking other people's dogs, slowly learning Spanish

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Swim Coach

Ask me about... not knowing how to ski, living in every US time zone, waitressing in med school, a budding interest in organized medicine and addiction medicine

More than meets the eye: I spent a year teaching English in Madrid before medical school

Austin Jones, MD
IMG_6132 - Makenna Rice.jpeg
Makenna Rice, MD

Birthplace: Santa Cruz, CA

Undergrad: Northeastern University

Med School: UC Davis SOM

Dream travel location: Azores

Hobbies: Running, hiking, camping, snowboarding, mountain biking, gardening, and enjoying good food and drinks with friends

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: work in healthcare policy. Or open a wine bar 🍷

Ask me about... EMS, wilderness medicine, street medicine, healthcare policy

More than meets the eye: I have two rescue German Shepherds, Sierra and Shasta

IMG_5604 - caroline vance.jpg
Caroline Vance, MD

Birthplace: Santa Barbara, CA

Undergrad: University of Southern California

Med School: University of Colorado School of Medicine

Dream travel location: New Zealand

Hobbies: Soccer, running slowly, beach volleyball, skiing, hiking, camping, baking.

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would: be back working in disaster relief or opening a neighborhood bakery by the beach.

Ask me about... disaster medicine, street medicine, learning to love winter with snow.

More than meets the eye: I already had my 15 seconds of fame when I was interviewed on Norwegian national television as a kid after a big soccer tournament.

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