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Salary (2023-2024)
Residents are paid on a PGY pay scale with an increase in salary during each year of their training.

  • PGY1  = $65,665/year

  • PGY2 = $67,870/year

  • PGY3 = $70,318/year

  • PGY4 = $74,421/year

Resident Benefits

Memberships to EMRA and ACEP are provided courtesy of Colorado ACEP to all residents for the length of their residency.


Residents who have posters accepted to a conference are eligible for up to a $1250 reimbursement for travel and conference fees for each conference. Posters can be presented at multiple conferences.


Residents who are on state or national committees are eligible for up to $500 for travel to committee meetings.

Senior residents are eligible for up to a $1500 travel reimbursement to the conference of their choosing. In addition, our Chief residents are eligible for up to $1500 to attend the Chief Resident Forum at the conference where it occurs that year.

Vacation and Wellness Days
  • All residents receive 3 weeks of paid vacation every year.

  • Interns have a week off at the end of their PGY1 year that is unpaid. Benefits are still recieved during ths time. This "intern week" is from 6/23-6/30. PGY2 year commences on 7/1.

  • PGY2-4 are given 36 hours off with their class each year.

Educational Stipend

Each year PGY1-3 residents are given $300 to be used on educational materials. Interns must choose either Harwood‑Nuss' Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine or Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice. If the intern already owns one of these, they can choose another educational product. Second and third years can choose their own materials, which can be books, podcast subscriptions, DVDs, medical equipment, electronics, etc.

All residents recieve a subscription to Rosh Review for the length of their training.


All residents are given embroidered scrubs and white coats each year.

Resident Appreciation
  • For resident appreciation week every year, each resident is given a personalized gift. In the past these have been jackets, coats, vests, or bags.

  • Twice a year the faculty hold a resident appreciation breakfast before conference.

  • At the beginning of each year, we hold a half-day retreat either in the mountains or at a park in the city with games and a family BBQ. It’s a great chance for everyone to get to know the new interns, including the outgoing seniors.



Residents can start moonlighting in their 4th year, if they are in good-standing.

  • Residents receive free employee parking at all 4 hospital sites (Denver Health, University, Children's, St. Joseph's)

  • Denver Health employees can sign up for an EcoPass at no cost, which is valid for unlimited rides on all RTD Denver Busses and light rail services, including the light rail line to the airport.. 

Gym Membership

  • Residents receive a free membership to the employee gym at Denver Health. 

Health Insurance

Denver Health offers 3 health insurance plans with different levels of coverage and treatment options. Each plan includes dental, and a $350 vision reimbursement every 2 years. Additional vision insurance is available for purchase at low cost.

For a single person on the Denver Medical Care HMO (base level) the premiums are $67.36 per month. For an employee, their spouse, and children, the top tier plan is $514.48 a month.

Please see the enrollment guide below if you’d like more information.

Retirement Plan

Denver Health employees do not pay into Social Security. Employees are required to contribute 6.2% of their eligible pay, and Denver Health contributes 6% into a 401(a) account through Fidelity Investments. Denver Health matches voluntary contributions to a 457(b) account up to 3.5%.

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