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Rachael Muschalek, MD
Denver Health Photo - Rachael Muschalek.jpg
Rachael Muschalek, MD

Birthplace: San Antonio, TX

Undergrad: Texas A&M University

Additional Degrees: M.S. Biomedical Engineering- Texas A&M University

Med School: Baylor College of Medicine

Dream travel location: Croatia!

Hobbies: Hiking with my dog, cooking, making/ drinking cocktails, CrossFit

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: R&D Engineer

Ask me about... Med device innovation, my dog, the fight against human trafficking

More than meets the eye: First physician in my family; I graduated from a small town Texas high school (think Friday Night Lights) that very few people "make it out" of

Bobby Nolan, MD

Birthplace: Palos Park, Illinois

Undergrad: United States Naval Academy

Med School: University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Dream travel location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Hobbies: Astronomy, trail running, canoeing/kayaking, homebrewing, getting way too into spikeball, watching parks and rec on repeat

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Science teacher/ whitewater rafting guide

Ask me about... Pipeline program development, medical education, navigating the couples match, hockey, swing dancing, astronomy, homebrewing

More than meets the eye: The first in my family to become a doctor/ move West of the Mississippi-- shoutout to Grandma Jo for crossing the Atlantic alone at age 17!

IMG_1847 - Anthony Rodriguez.JPEG
Anthony Rodriguez, MD

Birthplace: Miami, FL

Undergrad: Florida International University

Med School: FIU Herbert Wertheim COM

Dream travel location: French Polynesia

Hobbies: Basketball, soccer, skiing, hiking, BBQing, diving

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Coast Guard Rescue Diver

Ask me about... Barbecuing, scuba diving, movies, basketball, moving from FL to CO, MedED, or being URiM

More than meets the eye: I am the first person in my family to go to college & med school. Spanish is my first language.

Birthplace: Miles City, MT

Undergrad: Montana State University

Med School: University of Washington School of Medicine

Dream Travel Location: Thailand

Hobbies: Running, tennis, making cocktails!

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: wildly unsuccessful actor

Ask me about... Running, cooking, and being LGBTQ+ in medicine!

Candid photo  - Tanner Muggli.JPG
Tanner Muggli, MD

Birthplace: New York, NY

Undergrad: Middlebury College

Med School: University of Vermont

Dream Travel Location: New Zealand

Hobbies: Mountain and gravel biking, hiking, reading

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Flight paramedic

Ask me about... EMS, critical care, mountain biking, Colorado 14ers, and easy escapes from the city

More than meets the eye: I was a Denver Health Paramedic for four years before med school

Birthplace: Batavia, IL

Undergrad: Cornell University

Med School: State University of New York Downstate

Hobbies: Learning to rock climb in Colorado, Russian language classes, looking for new hiking spots 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: A diplomat… or a veterinarian

Ask me about... Global health, attempting to ski and rock climb in residency, pre-COVID traveling, being vegetarian but also a poor cook, learning a second language

More than meets the eye: I lived in Ukraine for a year on a Fulbright scholarship in medical school and lived in Qatar for a year after college

Birthplace: Dallas, Texas

Undergrad: University of Texas at Austin

Med School: University of Texas Medical Branch

Hobbies: Soccer, running, weight lifting, eating

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Science teacher

Ask me about... Diversity+Equity and Inclusion, social EM, mentorship, moving to Colorado, why DHREM, getting married in residency, why coffee is life

More than meets the eye... I am a first-generation college student and first medical professional in my family.

IMG_2953 - Eliezer Hernandez-Linarte.jpeg
Eliezer Hernandez-Linarte, DO

Birthplace: Leon, Nicaragua

Undergrad: Georgia State University

Med School: Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-Harlem

Hobbies: Running, playing with my pup, cooking, hiking

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Chef

Ask me about... living in LoDo, moving to Denver without ever visiting, running, raising a labradoodle puppy, finding the best cocktail bars and mom/pop restaurants the city has to offer, learning how to snowboard

More than meets the eye... I'm the first person in my family to go to college/medical school. Once upon a time, I almost went to law school (majored in political science in undergrad).

Oahu April Ian Duke Statue - Ian Eisenhauer_edited.jpg
Ian Eisenhauer, MD

Birthplace: Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Undergrad: United States Naval Academy

Med School: University of Colorado SOM

Dream Travel Location: Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Hobbies: Climbing, running, hiking, house-work

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be an: Infantry Officer

Ask me about... Submarine Medicine

More than meets the eye... I am a certified Navy Diver

Birthplace: Modesto, CA

Undergrad: California State University Stanislaus

Med School: University of Chicago

Dream Travel Location: Space

Hobbies: Hiking/camping/skiing et al, basketball, novice woodworking, expert diaper changing

Ask me about... Entertaining toddlers, changing careers, DIY repairs

More than meets the eye... I am a first-generation college graduate, married to the best third of identical triplets, and have 2 kids and a dog

If I wasn't an EM doc I would be... Park ranger

Birthplace: Mill Valley, CA

Undergrad: University of California Davis

Med School: University of Chicago

Dream Travel Location: Bora Bora

Hobbies:  Dancing, skiing, napping, hiking, boardgames, Harry Potter

Ask me about... EM-EM couples matching, hiking/backpacking, skiing, Bay Area sports, Women's Health in EM, how to start a dance party

If I couldn't be an EM doc I would be... 1st grade teacher or marine biologist

SC_Resident Bio Photo - Shilpa Cyriac.jpg
Shilpa Cyriac, MD

Birthplace: Dubai, UAE

Undergrad: University of Wisconsin–Madison


Med School: Medical College of Wisconsin

Dream Travel Location: Thailand

Hobbies:  Dance, singing, reading, writing

Ask me about... Global health, Social EM, and being a Midwest transplant to a city I'd never visited before match

If I couldn't be an EM doc I would be a... Teacher

IMG_5439 - Fanni Cardenas.jpg
Fanni Cardenas, MD

Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary

Undergrad: Cornell University

Med School: McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

Dream Travel Location: Santorini, Greece

Hobbies:  Swimming, ballet, baking, playing with my puppies

Ask me about... Public health and epidemiology, research, classical ballet, baking, and puppies.

More than meets the eye... I am originally from Budapest, Hungary and speak Hungarian; I have a twin sister who is also a doctor; and I used to be a pre-professional ballerina in high school.

If I couldn't be an EM doc I would be... a veterinarian

DSC_0647-1 - Ryan Lucas.jpeg
Ryan Lucas, DO, MPH

Birthplace: Wauseon, OH

Undergrad: Michigan State University

Med School: Rocky Vista University

Dream Travel Location: African safari 

Hobbies:  Skiing, camping, backpacking, yard games, BBQ, breweries

Ask me about... being a nontraditional applicant, working with scribes, and finding the best breakfast burritos in Denver

More than meets the eye... I had a six year gap between undergrad and medical school, during which I was an EM scribe and also worked on toxicology research

If I wasn't an EM doc I would be... a National Park Ranger/Medic

Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA

Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley

Med School: Tulane University

Dream Travel Location: Motorbiking Central Asia (the Stans)

Hobbies: Thru-hiking, ocean kayaking, bike touring, mountaineering, gardening, dad to my Catahoula dog

Ask me about... Long-distance backpacking, WHO internships, social emergency medicine, hepatitis C screening in the ED, travel hacking

More than meets the eye... I hiked, kayaked, and biked over 5,500 miles from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean.

If I wasn't an EM doc I would be... National Geographic photojournalist

Austin Jones, MD
Headshot_france - Austin Jones.jpeg
Austin Jones, MD, PhD

Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan

Undergrad: University of Colorado, Denver

Med School: University of Colorado

Dream Travel Location: New Zealand

Hobbies: Skiing, Tennis, Spike Ball, Board Games, Video Games, Eating Thai Food

Ask me about... Literally anything - DHREM, thai food, Pokemon

More than meets the eye... I've lived in Colorado for 20 years, so I know of lots of hidden gems for food, drink, and recreation! 

If I wasn't an EM doc I would be... A lovable supporting character in a critically acclaimed TV comedy

Birthplace: New York City

Undergrad: UCLA

Med School: University of Colorado

Dream Travel Location: Anywhere tropical with a beach…

Hobbies: Yoga, running, snowboarding, camping, baking bread…eating bread, trying to keep house plants alive

Ask me about... Life in Colorado, where to trail run/snowboard, the best bakeries in town, baking sourdough bread and why carbs are the best

More than meets the eye... I took a pretty non-traditional path to medicine and had a previous career before med school

If I wasn't an EM doc I would be... If I couldn’t be an EM doc then I’d be one of those people who travels and makes money by having people pay me to tell them how to make money and travel…or I would be Terry Gross on Fresh Air so I could interview interesting people and sometimes make politicians cry

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