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The Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine educates, trains, and prepares emergency medicine residents to be unparalleled clinicians and future leaders through exposure to high volume, high acuity and diverse clinical environments.


Established in 1860, Denver Health is the oldest continuously operating hospital in Colorado and the only Level I Trauma Center in the City of Denver whose main focus is to care for the people of the Rocky Mountain Region.


Denver Health is a comprehensive, integrated organization dedicated to providing level one care for all, regardless of ability to pay. Twenty-five percent of all Denver residents (approximately 150,000 individuals) and about 33% of children receive their health care at Denver Health. ​


As a health system, Denver Health is committed to providing exceptional care to those with special health needs, especially the poor, the underinsured, pregnant teens, persons with substance addiction, victims of violence, the homeless, and those with HIV/AIDS. It is the home of the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, one of the oldest in the nation, and has provided in-house ambulance service since 1892. ​


We are committed to making our community a healthy place to live, work, and raise a family. You’ll see that commitment in the programs we offer, through the care we provide, and in our determination to achieve continuous improvement for our patients and our community. ​


Welcome From the Program Director
Bonnie Kaplan, MD

EM Residency Program Director​

Assistant Professor,

University of Colorado School of Medicine

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The Denver Health Emergency Medicine Residency is one of the oldest and most highly regarded residencies in the nation and I am honored and excited to serve as its next Program Director.  Since the program’s inception in 1974, the Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine (DHREM) has been a leader in emergency medicine resident education a commitment that continues. The DHREM prides itself on training the future leaders in Emergency Medicine. Our faculty’s dedication and commitment to residency education is unparalleled and the dedication our outstanding residents enables us to continue to lead the way.

The Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine produces outstanding Emergency Medicine physicians, who can excel in any realm they choose when they graduate from our program. We work towards this goal by empowering faculty and residents to work together to optimize the educational environment. We look towards innovation to continue to drive our mission and vision forward. We are enabled to do this only because of the amazing foundation that has been created by prior residency program directors.

Dr. Maria Moreira, Program Director from 2010-2018, continued the tradition of this program driving clinical excellence through deliberate practice and graduated responsibility. She established training environments that challenge our residents to greatness while also supporting them in their efforts and pursuits. Training with her first as a resident, and next as an Associate Program Director, I have learned firsthand about Dr. Moreira’s devotion, commitment and passion for the DHREM. I look forward to building off her legacy.

First and foremost, the mission of this residency is to foster clinical excellence by exposing residents to high volume, high acuity patients in varied sites while providing them the independence and autonomy to take ownership of the care they provide to their patients. The residents graduated level of responsibility culminates in the fourth year, where the senior residents oversee the Denver Health Emergency Department including the Adult Trauma, Adult Medicine and Pediatric Emergency and Urgent Care. This structure and thoughtful approach to residency education allows our residents to leave our program prepared to practice anywhere in the world, and in whichever area of expertise they choose.  

In addition to excellent clinical exposure, our residents are exposed to a plethora of opportunities to teach medical learners. Our residents take the lead in educating high school students with Denver Health’s FACES of the Future program, our Denver Health Paramedics, and paramedics students, 3rd and 4th year medical students, interns from all specialties and each other. Our outstanding residents’ drive and passion for teaching allows them to learn the complexities of medical education while also mentoring future health care professionals.

In addition to excellence in clinical training and teaching, our residents have every opportunity to explore EM specialties such as research, toxicology, ultrasound, global health, administration, critical care, wilderness medicine, EMS, sports medicine and more. By having significant exposure through our faculty, many of whom are leaders in their fields, and opportunities in these potential career tracks, our residents can access pathways to their imagined careers

Through the collaboration and commitment of our residents and faculty we have been able to continue to pursue wellness initiatives within our program. We have a number of opportunities for residents and faculty to support each other and learn from each other, as we believe that being in this together is our greatest source of strength.  ACES (Art, Chaos, Ethics and Science) is a unique and innovative curriculum that focuses on the humanism within our field. Our residents and faculty meet monthly for journal clubs, career track meetings and wellness events. Archipelago is a resident only group created by and for residents with the purpose of having time to discuss difficult cases to support each other. The dedication and commitment of our residents and faculty allow these initiatives to be successful and we will continue to develop innovative ways to support and mentor each other.

I can firmly say that the prominence that this residency holds is built on the commitment that past leaders have had to clinical excellence, education and wellness.  We continue to attract residents year after year that are equally committed to these fundamental principles. I am extremely proud to have trained at Denver Health Residency in Emergency Medicine and to have worked alongside and been inspired by amazing educators, clinicians, and scientists. I am truly honored to step into this role as I know that with this remarkable group of residents and faculty we will continue to produce leaders in emergency medicine.


SINCE 1974

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