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View Conference Remotely

Using Internet Explorer: > "Clinical Desktop" >

If you selected the wrong conference, click back, and then you'll be able to select the other stream.

Career Tracks

Change your Career Track elections on the DHREM Groups page. Search for groups with "track" in the name.

Critical Care

Resident Leader: Kate Simeon, MD

                              Tanner Muggli, MD

Faculty Mentor: Julie Winkle, MD

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Medical Education

Resident Leaders: Kristyn McLeod, MD; Joseph Ponce, MD; Will Dewispeleare MD

Faculty Mentor: Sarah Michael, DO

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Resident Leaders: Michael Duerson, MD; Lee Johnson, MD; Tyler Prince, MD

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Global Health

Resident Leader:Maria Kohlbrenner, MD; Ausin Jones, MD 

Faculty Mentor: Emilie Calvello-Hynes, MD

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Resident Leader: Riku Moriguchi, MD; Michael Maurantonio, MD; Akshay Kumar, MD

Faculty Leader: Jacob Lebin, MD

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Wilderness Medicine

Resident Leader: Kyle Norder, MD

Faculty Mentor: Dave Young, MD

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Resident Leader: Cody McIlvain, MD

Faculty Mentor: Matt Riscinti, MD

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Resident Leader: Maya Rhine, MD

Palliative Care
Palliative Care
Rotation Specific Resources
Cornerstone Learning Due: August
Resident Responsibilities-Due November and May

Please note that completion of each of these will be reflected on your bi-annual Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) sheet and your 6 month evaluation letter which will be reviewed with at a meeting with your Associate PD.

Conference Attendance

The ACGME expects residents to attend at least 75% of conference hours. Up to 20% of your conference attendance can be supplemented by asynchronous learning activities so long as they are approved in advance.


  • Do you have a faculty supervisor?

  • Was there a component that evaluated your participation (example: a quiz, statement of your participation)

  • Was there a way for you to evauate the activity? (survey, summary of what you learned)

Patient Follow Ups

Each resident is responsible for following up FIVE patients every SIX months (due by November 18). By following up a smaller number of patients, we hope to encourage a more robust reflection upon what you have learned from the case and by reviewing the pertinent literature.


Please see the Clinical Curriculum page to see how elective time is distributed throughout your training. Each resident will be required to fill out an elective form 3 months in advance for an in country elective and 6 months in advance for an international elective.

Logging Duty Hours, Procedures, and Evaluating Faculty
  • Complete duty hour logging on a weekly basis.

  • All procedures should be logged contemporaneously.  Your procedure log will be pulled every 6 months (every May/November) and reviewed with your APD at your 6 month evaluation meeting.

  • Complete faculty and student evaluations on a monthly basis.

Rosh Review

All residents have access to more than 1000 questions to help prepare for the annual ABEM In-Service Training Exam (ITE), however you will also be regularly assigned 20 question quizzes to keep you on track which must be completed by the assigned deadline.

Advisor Meetings

In addition to having an assigned Associate PD for each year of your training, all residents are assigned a faculty advisor with whom they are expected to meet at least twice per year. Residents are responsible for arranging this meeting and ensuring that your advisor submits a feedback form to the Program Coordinator.

Maintain an Updated CV

Each resident is expected to update their CV at least twice per year and bring them to their 6 month advisor meetings and their 6 month evaluation meetings with their Associate Program Director.

Moonlighting Privileges

Residents may be allowed to moonlight during their final year of training after seeking approval from the program director. 

Technology Resources
Epic Haiku

This mobile app lets you store clinical images to a patient's chart, perfect for documenting the extent of cellulitis, rashes, burns, wounds, or other interesting physical exam findings. Images are viewable remotely by consultants under Epic's Chart Review "Media" tab and can also be embedded into your notes. It is advisable that you create a SmartPhrase to document that you have obtained permission from the patient to include the image in their chart.

Epic Reports

Not sure if you've written or signed a provider/procedure note for every patient that you saw during your shift? As long as you assigned yourself to the patient on the ED Track Board, there's an easy way to find out!

Access Journal Articles from Home/Mobile Device
  • Download & install "AnyConnect" application on your desktop/mobile device.

  • Connect to “” & login with your UCH Epic/e-mail password.

  • Open “AnyConnect” anytime you need to access journal articles/UpToDate, use your web browser as normal after connected.

Program Policies and Procedures
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