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IMG_3153 - Claudia Quenelle.jpeg
Claudia Quenelle, MD, MBA

Birthplace: Leadville, CO

Undergrad: University of Denver

Med School: University of Colorado

Favorite Travel Location: Anywhere in South America -- especially Peru and Chile

Hobbies: Whitewater kayaking, skiing powder, mountain biking, reading historical fiction, puzzles

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: whitewater kayaker, aka living out of a van next to a river

Ask me about... Mentorship or teaching opportunities, watersports and living in Golden, CO

IMG_4874 - Henrik Galust.jpeg
Henrik Galust, MD

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA

Undergrad: UCSB

Med School: Temple

Favorite Travel Location: North Island of New Zealand, the Futaleufú River, El Chaltén in Patagonia

Hobbies: Soccer, swimming, traveling, SUP, skiing, spending time with family 

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Nature photographer

Ask me about... Couples matching, toxicology

Birthplace: Tehran, Iran

Undergrad: UCLA

Med School: Northeast Ohio Medical University

Hobbies: Family time, cooking, reading classics, sailing, painting

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: Sailing the ocean blue like some nautical vagabond

Ask me about... Family in residency, residency life, medicine as a second career, medical education, didactics, toxicology, and EMRA

More than meets the eye... Born to Armenian immigrants and first person in my family to attend university/practice medicine. Born in Iran, lived in Germany as a kid, and grew up in LA. Married to a Brazilian spouse and father of two.

IMG_20180425_103912 - Olivia
Olivia Serigano, MD

Birthplace: Dix Hills, NY

Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill

Med School: Zucker SOM at Hofstra/Northwell

Hobbies: Skiing, hiking/backpacking, climbing sometimes, being with my significant other, family, and friends.

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: music journalist* (*I have no legitimate skill in music or journalism to do this job whatsoever)

Other interesting fact: I'm a lover of many types of music and never ashamed to listen to embarrassing pop

Ask me about... Skiing, critical care interests, moving far from home/family for residency

Birthplace: Connecticut

Undergrad: Ohio State University

Med School: Wright State University

Favorite Travel Location: Namibia

Hobbies: Rock climbing, Skiing, hiking, hanging with my wife and our two dogs

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: science teacher, or a climbing bum (or both)


Ask me about... Rock climbing, why I am so glad I chose DHREM

More than meets the eye...I have stayed with local host families in three different Latin American countries to work on learning Spanish before medical school (but still am not nearly fluent!)

Birthplace: Austin, TX

Undergrad: University of Colorado - Boulder

Med School: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Favorite Travel Location: Switzerland

Hobbies: Snowboarding, biking, camping/hiking, aviation

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be an: Astronaut

Ask me about... Road + mountain biking, ultrasound, vets and doggie day care

Birthplace: Green Bay, WI

Undergrad: UW-Madison

Med School: UW-Madison

Favorite Travel Location: Denver, so I moved here

Hobbies: Wisconsin sports teams

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: High school biology teacher

Ask me about... Ultrasound! I'm currently in the US track and am planning on doing a fellowship after residency.

Smitha prof pic - Smitha Bhaumik.jpeg
Smitha Bhaumik, MD

Birthplace: Born in Bangalore, India. Grew up in San Jose, California.

Undergrad: Northwestern University

Med School: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Favorite Travel Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Hobbies: Spike ball, learning guitar, playing with my dog, exploring nature

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Journalist

Ask me about... Diversity & Inclusion at DHREM, the best Asian food in Denver, the process of transforming into a Coloradan as someone who didn't grow up being super outdoorsy

IMG-7865 - Evangelia Murray.jpg
Vanjie Murray, MD

Birthplace: Richmond, VA

Undergrad: Notre Dame

Med School: University of Pennsylvania

Favorite Travel Location: New Zealand

Hobbies: Hiking, running, travel, skiing, sports, classical music

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: NatGeo photographer

Ask me about... how to hike all 58 Colorado 14ers while in residency, best places to backcountry ski

Birthplace: Springfield, MA

Undergrad: Tufts University

Med School: University of Massachusetts

Dream Travel Location: Brazil

Hobbies: cooking, painting, hiking, camping, mountain biking, reading, traveling

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: social worker and/or health policy advocate with an oil painting side-hustle

Ask me about... Social EM, health equity, and the best local hike-brewery-food truck pairings

More than meets the eye... I am the first person in my family to go to college

9AE1901A-7D11-4255-9832-B7A07FE47ED1 - L
Lauren Becker, MD

Birthplace: Schaumburg, IL

Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis

Med School: NYU

Favorite Travel Location: Scotland

Hobbies: Opera singing, yoga, hiking, writing, reading sci-fi

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: Owner of a coffee shop and an opera singer on the side

Ask me about... My classical music background

More than meets the eye... I am a member of the LGBTQ community and an advocate for healthcare provider mental health

Brayden Ashdown, MD, MSc

Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame

Med School: University of Colorado

Favorite Travel Location: Nepal

Hobbies: climbing, garage tinkering, reading (fiction)

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: a kickstarter "artisan"

Ask me about... Wilderness medicine, where to get a good cup of coffee and bluegrass music

More than meets the eye... English major who took the scenic route – I'm almost as old as Greg. 

Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO

Undergrad: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Med School: University of Colorado

Dream Travel Location: Brevik, Norway

Hobbies: Hiking, cycling, cooking, music, film, theatre, poetry

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: Voice actor and/or teacher

Ask me about... The latest in video games and pop culture. Where to find the best vegetarian/pescatarian food in Denver. Candid reviews of local Colorado adventures. How to care for insubordinate and churlish dog-children while surviving residency.

More than meets the eye... I was an arts human in a previous life, including stage and voice acting. I can do almost any accent on request. I spent several years as part of a non-profit organization dressing up as superheroes and pop culture characters to visit kids and raise money for community projects and institutions. I am a puppy trapped in a human body.

DAF22DC9-5971-4EAA-B645-DB9CD7163AFF - M
Michael Kidon, DO

Birthplace: Glendale, CA

Undergrad: University of California Davis

Med School: Touro University

Favorite Travel Location: Yosemite

Hobbies: Hiking, basketball, running, traveling, crossfit

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Stuntman

Ask me about... Hiking, camping, snowboarding, dog walking

6643F7EF-B453-41BD-97AD-E1100880B017 - C
Carleigh Benton, MD

Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

Undergrad: University of Maryland

Med School: University of Maryland

Favorite Travel Location: Costa Rica

Hobbies: Cooking for friends/family, Hiking, Photography (especially Colorado wildlife), Gardening

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be: RBG. In my dreams.

Ask me about... Med Ed, Moving out of your home state for the very first time for residency, Moving to Denver with a non-medical partner/spouse

More than meets the eye... I am a first-generation college student. I am interested in hospital based violence intervention programs.

IMG_0250 - Gregory Wiener.jpeg
Gregory Wiener, MD

Birthplace: Garland, TX

Undergrad: University of Florida

Med School: University of Colorado

Dream Travel Location: Patagonia

Hobbies: Reading, drinking coffee, spending time with family, cooking, enjoying the peacefulness of being outside

If I were not an ED Doc, I would be a: National Park Ranger

Ask me about... Non-traditional pathways to residency (ie: applying from a preliminary residency year)

dhprofilepic - Sabrina Kaplan.jpg
Sabrina Kaplan, MD

Birthplace: Reading, PA

Undergrad: Northwestern

Med School: Northwestern

Favorite Travel Location: Bolivian Salt Flats

Hobbies: Painting, ping-pong, tennis

If I couldn't be an EM doc, I would be a: Traveling food blogger

Ask me about... High altitude baking! A new venture of mine

More than meets the eye... I try to have shabbat with my family as many Fridays as possible

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